In Hollywood, Medieval battle scenes are fought with different weapons. However, very few weapons spur such intense clashes as the sword. Movie swords have long been popular among collectors. The following list is our staff’s top 10 favorite Hollywood swords of all time.

#10 The Atlantean Sword, ‘’Conan the Barbarian’’


Arguably one of the ugliest swords in Hollywood history, The Atlantean Sword is on our top 10 list due to it’s cult following, impressive blade and inspiring character. The Atlantean sword is the most popular sword in the Conan series, and certainly one of the most recognizable sword in Hollywood history. Conan paved the way to the production of countless fantasy film. Used by Conan, in both Conan the barbarian and Conan the destroyer; While being chased by a pack of wolves, Conan stumbles upon the sword, breaks his shackles, and slays the wolves.

#9 Spartan Sword; 300:

300-movie-sword-roman-350x185King Leonidas used The Spartan Sword in the battle of Thermopylae, where only 300 Spartans fought against the Persian army. While being completely historically inaccurate, The 300 Spartan nevertheless makes it on our list due to aesthetic design,   excellent handling ability and general ‘badass’ look.

#8 MacLeod Sword; Highlander:

highlander-movie-sword-350x197The sword has the name of the MacLeod family inscribed on the arched guard of the handle. Connor MacLeod got this sword prior to his first battle, against the great Clan Frazer in 1536. During battle, he meets his arch nemesis “the Kurgan” who hands him his first deadly blow. Connor later resurrects and uses his sword until the death of his second wife. The MacLeod sword makes it on our list for its aesthetic hilt and no “thrills” historically plausible specs.

#7 Maximus Sword; Gladiator:


The Maximus Sword is wielded by the Roman  general Maximus at the beginning of the movie gladiator. While somewhat overdone in the movie prop, the Mainz type Roman sword is one of the quintessential swords of history and therefore makes it at # 7 on our list.

#6 Raymond III sword; Kingdom of Heaven:

kingdom-of-heaven-movie-sword-350x197The Sword of Raymond the III, is # 6 on our list. Raymond III was a duke of Tripoli and was unbiased towards the Muslims. This sword was used in between the second and third epoch of the knight crusade in Jerusalem. Well proportioned and historical in character, the sword of Raymond III is a beautiful sword claiming spot # 6.

#5 The Wallace sword ; Braveheart :


Wallace was responsible for leading the resistance against the English in Scotland while the wars for Scottish Independence were taking place.While the movie rendition of Wallace’s Claymore was by no means reproduced from the 5 foot 6 inch authentic sword, currently in the National Wallace Monument in Stirling, it makes it to number 5 on our list, for its plausible historical geometry, look and general appeal as a true medieval sword and for Wallace’s bravery in the face of tyranny.

#4 The Anduril; Lord of the Rings:


The Anduril Sword, arguably the most popular and iconic movie swords of all time, The Anduril, was re-forged by using the Shards of Narsil .

The shards of Narsil were taken to Rivendell after the war of the last alliance. Once the council of Elrond was over, the elves forged the sword, that was carried by Aragorn II, the heir of Isildur.


#3 The Glamdring; Lord of the Rings:

glamdring-sword-gandalf-movie-sword-277x300In the first age, The Glamdring Sword was only used twice, when Turgon wielded it and in the fall of Gondolin. It was missing for 6000 years, until Gandalf found it in the trolls cave and claimed the sword for himself.

Glamdring makes it in our top 3 for its aesthetic beauty, leaf shaped blade and for belonging to one of the most interesting, complex and intelligent fictional medieval fantasy character in modern literature.

#2 The Sword of the Mountain; Game of Thrones:

game-of-thrones-movie-sword-350x204The mountain sword is the sword that is wielded by the Sir Gregor Clegane. He is the head of the house of Clegane and is the older brother of the knight Sandor Clegane.



#1 Excalibur Sword; Excalibur

excalibur-movie-sword-darksword-armory-350x197The Excalibur Sword is the famous sword wielded by King Arthur. It is rumored to be associated with magical powers. The sword in the stone and the Excalibur sword is compared to be the same things sometimes. This is the proof of King Arthurs Lineage. King Arthur drew the sword from stone that indicated he was a true knight of the Logres land.

22 thoughts on “Top 10 Movie Swords of All Time

  1. Monty says:

    The Whelm sword from Celtic Lore not a movie but still awesome. 80s movie Hawk the Slayer the mind sword the biggest b budget fantasy movie

  2. Jordan says:

    Glad the Glamdring is on this list, though I think I might have included more than just one sword from Game of Thrones myself. There’s a lot of really cool, iconic swords in that.

  3. Steves says:

    All the swords you have shared are really worthy of being included in your list. Just a thought that Star Wars Energy Sabres should also be manufactured by experienced armory stores like you. A thought provoking post indeed.

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  5. Johnc660 says:

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  6. Jeremiah says:

    Sorsha’s sword from Willow would be fantastic! Especially since exactly no one is making it. Only Madmartigan’s sword, General Kael’s sword, and Airk’s gauntlet sword. Just sayin’

    • Eyal Azerad says:

      Hi Dan,

      Unfortunately not, as we have many new models of our own design on which we are currently working. We have also decided to move a bit farther away from Lord of the Rings models.

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