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After Correcting a Quality Control Issue in 2016 Darksword Armory’s Sword Assembly Technique is Stronger Than Ever! JAN. 3, 2019 – In 2016, Darksword Armory was made aware of a small number of swords that were produced with sub-standard tangs. The swords were recovered from customers and tested. Through staffing corrections and a thorough review […]


The Birth of a Darksword

In stories from legend and antiquity, swords have a special place. From Hrunting, the sword of Beowulf, to Excalibur, sword of King Arthur, they are the centerpieces of countless myths. Because of the high regard in which swords are held, bladesmithing – the process of creating a sword – has long been regarded with fascination […]

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Royal Armouries Museum (Leeds): A Brief History of War

An Overwhelming Experience from a Renowned Sword Collector.  Many enthusiasts of medieval and renaissance arms and armour have secretly longed to travel back in time, just to spend a day – to catch a glimpse – of the beautiful and functional articles of war that we find so fascinating. For those of us who lack […]

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New Halstein Forge Line of Damascus Steel Knives

Welcome to Halstein Forge! High quality modern made Damascus pattern knives are typically rare, custom made at prices up to thousands of dollars. In taking on this new direction we were making an effort to bring the beauty of Pattern-Welded knives to the market, enabling collectors to purchase custom-quality Damascus knives at production prices. Each […]

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Oakeshott and His Typology – Part II

Tracking the Medieval Arms Race Ewart Oakeshott’s (1916-2002) typology is far more than just a means for cataloguing variations on the Medieval sword. It also tells a story – a chronicle of an arms race centuries ago that pitted armorers against bladesmiths in an ongoing battle to push military technology to its limits. One cannot […]