Swords Armors and Weapons On Sale

Unless otherwise noted, all the swords, armors and/or daggers listed on the “swords on sale” page, have been used in movie productions, documentaries or as display in our shop. The flaw(s) on each sword is indicated in the item description. These flaws can consist of scratches, inconsistent sharpening or other aesthetic issues. Should you have any questions regarding the items listed on the page, please do not hesitate to contact us. All items on this page are sold on an as-is basis. Please note that the swords, daggers and battle axe from the Excavation collection have not been used. The Excavation Series is being liquidated to make room for our upcoming sword production. Please note that the stands photographed in the pictures of the Excavation collection are for display purposes only and do not come with the swords, daggers, or battle axe shown in the pictures.