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Darksword Armory
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 49 reviews
by Andy Browning on Darksword Armory
Einar Viking Sword

Beautifully made sword, managed to exceed my expectations, perfect balance and looks amazing. Brilliant service and communication from these guys, I would not hesitate to use again and recommend! Thank you!

by Joel Thrasher on Darksword Armory
Truly an amazing sword and wonderful artists!

I received my sword yesterday, a day earlier than expected. After unboxing it I must say it is one of the best swords I have had the pleasure of holding and seeing! It’s balance and weight is perfect and I am just in awe! Thank you for such a wonderful sword!

by Mats Wennerberg on Darksword Armory
Black Templar Sword

amazing sword! fast delivery, well packed and I felt like a child on Christmas Eve when I tore the plastic around the sword. I'm almost 60 so it was a while since I felt the same expectation!
Expectations that were surpassed many times, amazing craftsmanship!!

by richard on Darksword Armory
cross guard

henry v sword with 27" blade gaps at riccaso on both sides of blade have uneven jagged gapes. the sword is good so if you don't mind a little aesthetic problems I recommend this sword I would have given 5 stars if not for that issue

by Dan Kopa on Darksword Armory
Happy as Hel

I just purchased the Oslo sword with scabbard belt. I am very pleased. The weight and balance is fantastic, not to mention this swords overall beautiful finish. I will be purchasing more from this forge. Scaal, to the craftsman who took the time to make this weapon.

by Samuel on Darksword Armory
The Anduril sword

I am writing this a week after receiving the sword and I must say it is expertly made and meets my expectations and beyond. It feels sturdy and well built, I can tell it was hand made. It is exactly like the sword in the movies and it's actually bigger than I expected, the picture doesn't do it justice. The scabbard and belt are also well made and feel comfortable to wear. There was only one thing you should know if you purchase this sword that I discovered after examining and using the sword. The grip will leave a residue on your hands which can be hard to get off if you don't wash your hands right after, but after the first few uses the amount of residue lessened so it's not that big of an issue. The sword does come with a one year warranty for the blade and fittings if there are defects in material or assembly. Of course it doesn't work for abusive use or imporoper maintenence but they have a guide for proper sword maintenence on their website and in the warranty. I also got a free dagger and I chose the Ranger Dagger. It is wonderfully made and a nice addition to the Anduril Sword. If you're looking to buy the sword for love of the movies or to get a real battle-ready sword cabable of defending your life if need be this will meet either or both standards. If I were to purchase another sword it would definitely be from Darksword.

by George on Darksword Armory
The Templar Sword Elite Series (#1604)

Incredible sword! Mike was great in communication with me as to the shipping date and process. I needed the most authentic as possible reproduction of a Templar sword for my Masonic Commanderie KT presentation; and this was way beyond expectations. The pattern welding and, weight , balance and feel are perfect (as realistic hand forged) but not fake cast perfect. This sword is as real as it gets!. Thank you so much! I love it.

by Michael Hollingsworth on Darksword Armory
15th Century Hand and a Half Sword and Customer Service

Received my 15th Century Hand and a Half Sword delivered to my house no more than an hour ago. It is extremely light, well-balanced, maneuverable, versatile and elegant both in ascetics and in regards to how it feels in the hands. Scabbard is extremely pleasing to the eye and seems quite durable. Both the sword and the scabbard posses the handmade charm you'd expect from such a product as well. I can't wait to begin integrating it in my routines and drills!

You can also consider this a review of Darksword's customer service skills. Initially I received a less-than-perfect edition of this sword roughly a month ago. The sword was bent/warped/twisted and I immediately contact darksword the next day. Within two days, I had the prepaid shipping label Darksword sent to me and the sword was sent back to the manufacture a day later. I've done business with this company before so I knew better than to think that this sort of occurrence was a normality. With that said, the entire process was long but the team at Darksword was informative and cooperative for the most part as to informing me what was happening with the sword and when I could expect a replacement. They were honest, helpful, transparent and kind. Shout out to Michael Embers for being such a great customer service rep!

by Sondre Midtsund on Darksword Armory

I got my Mid 13th Century Sword and Norman Dagger today and the beauty of these blades are simply awesome, the leather work on the grip and the scabbard is stunning, the fit and finish is also very fine, my only complaint is the gap in the guard, it is especially noticeable on the dagger, where one side sits snug to the blade, but the other side protrudes out about 3-4mm. But overall the construction is top notch. I can't wait to get mine sharpened and do some cut testing. Darksword Armory has done a fine job, on these blades. And I'm glad to have them in my collection.

by Andrew on Darksword Armory

It’s got very good swords, although, they are so expensive!

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