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Darksword Armory
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 by Thomas
12th century crusader sword

what an amazing sword arrived shortly after order and there's no flaws anywhere very well polished and sharp the customer support team has been very helpful on all my questions as well i highly recommend there swords ignore all the haters you see online this is a good fair company that will have all my future purchase's

 by Seth
Marquis Herald Collection

For a first time sword buyer, this is exactly what I was looking for. Blade feels balanced and light, grip is comfortable, love the guard and pommel, and scabbard is basic but theres a simple elegance. A beautiful sword, great price, and good customer service. DSA has gotten a new customer

 by Jonathan Long
First Impression of the Alexandria Sword everything superb but..

Today (6/26/20),I recieved the Alexandria Sword in the mail everything was superb except for 1 small flaw in the finish quality. On the peen block there are obvious grind marks on one side of the peen block, every other side is polished out to a semi mirror polish. I I don't plan on contacting darksword about the issue because it is so petty of a flaw. They do have wonderful customer service though; each time I emailed darksword I receievd a reply within 2 hours. Darksword even went the next step with their customer service, I had asked for them to include a drawing of a cartoon cat in the packaging in which they did! The sword is really well built: all the fitings are tight, blade is straight and evenly ground. Sharpness isn't the best for cut test, but for actual usage in how medival swords are used it would suffice for the tasks. The scabbard seems to fit pretty well although there is some rattle along the edge l, the flat of the blade seems to have been fit better. This was my first purchase from darksword armory and i can say they seem to keep up their reputation from youtube reviewers such as Skallagrim and Matthew Jensen. Matthew Jensens review gave me the final decision on whether or not to purchase the sword. Darksword does a really good hob at the price point and would gladly purchase from them again.

 by Brad Timberlake
Knight’s Bastard Sword

I ordered the Knight’s bastard sword after weeks of research. I received the sword,scabbard and belt within a week and couldn’t be happier. The craftsmanship is incredible. This is the best bang for your buck possible for a functional sword. If you’re looking for quality, function and finish, buy from Darksword. You will not be disappointed.

 by Charles Kersavage
Danish dagger

Just took out my Danish dagger . Wow. Balanced, gleaming and deadly.
I will be your grateful customer for years to come. Hats off gentlemen, an exquisite blade. Thank you very much.

 by Loren B Bucko
5 Lobed Viking Sword

I received the 5 lobed Viking sword today from DS and it is a marvellous weapon. The scabbard is also a piece of art on its own as it holds the blade snug with no wobble, as some internet searches say other wise. The guards fit and finish is the only part which I may critique as it has a rough grind where the sword enters setting it apart from the rest of the weapon. The blade is beautiful and has a marvellous finish with no noticeable edge bevel, a clean cutting edge.

Thank you again DS, cant wait for the next to arrive.

 by Robin Rainbolt

My husband gave me Excalibur (#386 of 500) for Valentines Day 2021 and I was blown away!! The quality of craftsmanship of this sword is amazing and it is gorgeous!! I have always loved the movie that this sword was featured in and I am so happy that I got an actual working replica of the sword I fell in love with! Best Valentines Day present ever! The scabbard it came with was a nice plus as well....very well made and compliments the sword very well. I have always loved swords and daggers, so I am sure that I will be purchasing something else from you in the near future. Keep up the great work!!!

 by Elliot Cottage
First purchase

My Duke sword arrived this week, I read the description about the balance of the sword before buying. I cannot explain how true a description it is! Comfortable, light, fast and perfectly edged for cutting and not to mention beautiful and feels of quality. I had great service before buying too emailing and getting a quick response, it gave me confidence buying from abroad as I am in the United Kingdom. I will definitely buy again!

 by Glenn Lawrence
Perfection in Steel!!!!

This was my first purchase from Darksword and didn't know what to expect, all I can say is I'm blown away!!! I have been collecting for twenty-five years and have many fine pieces, but this is quality unparalleled!!! I am amazed at the balance this sword has, how it feels in the hand! How a sword feels when you wield it is absolutely key!! The beauty of the flawless blade is stunning, the ruins deep and visible from a distance are breathtaking!!! The dragon claw guard gives it that element of fantasy that takes you to a place and time undreamt of!! The neatly wrapped grip fits perfectly in the hand!! I am completely and totally in love with this weapon, this work of art!! Many thanks to the artisans of this heirloom quality sword!!!!!! Will definitely be purchasing from again!!!

 by Paul Gardner
Very Nice Quality

I just received my Guardlan Two Handed Viking sword. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. The blade is very straight, the guard is straight and tight and the pommel is square and peened. I reviewed many swords from different companies before deciding on the Guardlan. If you are looking for a mid priced functional sword then i would recommend looking through Darkswords lineup. I was thankful to receive a sword belt attached to the scabbard which i really appreciate. Would I purchase this sword again? Definitely.

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