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Darksword Armory
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by Daniel Hudson on Darksword Armory
First time

No stars yet, waiting to see the dagger I ordered first. After that comes more stuff, we’ll see

by Rick Taddeo on Darksword Armory
Outstanding workmanship

I purchased the bastard sword, crusader helm, and barbarian axe. Great workmanship and functionality in every piece. It’s a bit hard to wield the axe because of its immense size but what a weapon to hold and look at. The sword handles like a dream as you guys promised. The helm is totally badass and will protect me from just about anything if need be. Thanks again and keep forging! Rick

by Maverick on Darksword Armory
Great customer service!

I was unfortunate to have my viking style HEMA practice sword break during a reenactment show, I contacted Darksword Armory the next day and got a reply from Michael Embers almost Immediately, to which I was given all the info I needed right away. They told me they would ship out a replacement as soon as possible, and that they did. I was given a tracking number and frequent shipping updates.

The next week my replacement sword arrived. I have unboxed it today and it feels great in the hand, it feels solid and sturdy. I love the sword as it is light, swift and balanced. It is perfect for the shows I participate in, so I am glad to have a replacement. (I was also very pleased that it would fit the sheath I made for the previous blade.) I look forward to using it in combat and hearing it sing once again.

A big thanks to Mike and the team at Darksword Armory. I am very happy with the experience I was given. Fast, informative and helpful.

by James Geren on Darksword Armory
Worthy of a museum

The German town that I live in was the headquarters of the Teutonic Order, as well as a commandery of the Hospitallers. Being obsessed with history, I wanted an authentic and high-quality sword that these two orders would have carried. Dark Sword’s Crusader Sword fits both perfectly. The classic wheel pommel, cruciform cross-guard, and hand-forged blade are exactly what I was after, and looks nearly identical to a crusader sword I saw housed in the Glasgow Museum. Like something organic, the leather-wrapped and hand-stitched wood handle completes the sword and makes it come alive. The best part, however, is how it feels when you hold it. It is so light and well-balanced that swinging it is almost effortless. Should I ever find myself needing to wield a sword for hours in battle, this is the one I would bring. But I hope I never have to.

by James Geren on Darksword Armory
Like holding a piece of history!

I received my 12th century Templar sword and was astounded at the craftmanship and quality. Living in Germany where the Great Sword got it's start, and where one can see authentic examples in museums, it was important for me to have one that looked and felt like the originals. Dark Sword more than exceeded my expectations: Holding this sword is like travelling back in time. The hexagonal pommel, leather-wrapped handle, simple cross guard, and barely visible forging marks on the fuller and blade is like holding a piece of history. It's not hard to imagine a mounted crusader swinging this sword from his horse while charging through battle. I can't wait for my next purchases!

by Andy Browning on Darksword Armory
Einar Viking Sword

Beautifully made sword, managed to exceed my expectations, perfect balance and looks amazing. Brilliant service and communication from these guys, I would not hesitate to use again and recommend! Thank you!

by Joel Thrasher on Darksword Armory
Truly an amazing sword and wonderful artists!

I received my sword yesterday, a day earlier than expected. After unboxing it I must say it is one of the best swords I have had the pleasure of holding and seeing! It’s balance and weight is perfect and I am just in awe! Thank you for such a wonderful sword!

by Mats Wennerberg on Darksword Armory
Black Templar Sword

amazing sword! fast delivery, well packed and I felt like a child on Christmas Eve when I tore the plastic around the sword. I'm almost 60 so it was a while since I felt the same expectation!
Expectations that were surpassed many times, amazing craftsmanship!!

by richard on Darksword Armory
cross guard

henry v sword with 27" blade gaps at riccaso on both sides of blade have uneven jagged gapes. the sword is good so if you don't mind a little aesthetic problems I recommend this sword I would have given 5 stars if not for that issue

by Dan Kopa on Darksword Armory
Happy as Hel

I just purchased the Oslo sword with scabbard belt. I am very pleased. The weight and balance is fantastic, not to mention this swords overall beautiful finish. I will be purchasing more from this forge. Scaal, to the craftsman who took the time to make this weapon.

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