The Urnes Stave Viking Sword (#1526)

The Urnes Staves Viking Sword is our tribute to one of the most beautiful structures in Norway. Named for the 12th-century church which inspired its knotwork designs, this one-handed Viking Sword is a battle-ready weapon. The Urnes Staves Viking Sword is a hand forged, modern take on a classic, 10-11th century Viking weapon. Like many historical Viking Swords the blade is rigid, wide, and deeply fullered, allowing it to be an extremely effective cutting and slashing weapon. The Ebony handle is carved with knotwork from its namesake church, and the bronze fittings bear the same delicate designs. The Urnes Staves Viking Sword is Darksword’s latest Viking Sword, and is both beautiful and functional.

More information on the Urnes Staves Viking Sword and the history of the world in which it originated can be found below.


Hand forged from 5160 High Carbon Steel

Differential Hardened at a Rockwell of 60 at the Edge; 48-50 at the core.
Fittings: Solid Bronze
Handle: carved ebony grip
Total length: 36″
Blade length: 30″
Blade width at base: 2.3″
Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz.
POB: 3″

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