The Charlemagne Sword (#1315)


The Darksword Armory Charlemagne Sword is one of our most anticipated project to date, and has been in development since Darksword Armory founder Eyal Azarad’s visit to the Louvre. A broad, solid blade with a single fuller matches the antique on display, and is made from 5160 high carbon steel as are all our blades. The tang for this sword was made especially thick in order to provide additional stability. The hilt furniture, however, is where the quality of our work truly shines. The original handle, cross guard, and pommel are made from gold, and many modern reproductions use brass or gold-plated metal; Darksword Armory uses the lost wax process to cast the hilt furniture out of bronze. The incredible detail on our version of Joyeuse, one of the only battle-ready versions of Charlemagne’s sword available today. 

Hand forged from 5160 High Carbon Steel
Differential Hardened at a Rockwell of 60 at the Edge; 48-50 at the core.
Fittings: Bronze
Total length: 34 1/4″
Blade length: 27 3/4″
Blade width at base: 2″
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz.
POB: 3″

771.23 CAD907.73 CAD