11th Century Viking Sword (#1335)

11th century Viking Sword with bronze fittings,
The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

The 11th Century Viking Sword is based on a sword found near Suontaka, Finland, in the grave of a Viking Shield-maiden. It is full tang, tempered, and fully functional, with a blade forged and balanced to be a devastatingly effective cutter. The bronze fittings, created by use of the lost wax process, are based on the historical fittings of the Suontaka Shield-maiden’s weapon. An homage to a true historical artifact, the 11th Century Viking Sword is one of our longest-running designs.

More information on the 11th Century Viking Sword and the history of the world in which it originated can be found below.

5160 High Carbon Steel Differential
Hardening : 60 Rockwell at the Edge
50 At the Core
Fittings: Bronze
Total Length: 36″
Blade length: 30″
Blade width at base: 2″
blade thickness: 1.48 mm
Weight: 3 lbs 13 oz

600.00 USD725.00 USD