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Greetings, Darksword Armoury fans and friends!

So a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a Montreal based animal shelter that I donate to. Animatch is a non-profit canine ‘’no kill’’ adoption agency which matches responsible would-be pet owners with abandoned dogs. Recently, the organization, which receives minimal governmental help, was asked to move from its premises by the city in order to build more condos.


Now, you are probably wondering ‘’what does this have to do with swords’’, well, as some of you know, I’m a fervent advocate of animal welfare and donate extensively to various rescue organizations saving abandoned & mistreated animals. Which brings me to the point of this post; Animatch is in dire need of funds in order to find a new location in the aftermath of this “polite” eviction notice. Animatch is a non profit organization, meaning that their funding is very limited, and as with most non-profits they have little capital saved up.

We have some news for our community, news which (up until recently), we were legally obligated to keep to ourselves…

So about 5 years ago it came to our attention that a company in Indian was manufacturing DSA designs under their banner.  After their initial refusal to stop, we had no other choice but to take legal action.

After a long legal battle, our lawyer won the case and we had about 340 swords confiscated.

While our initial plan was to destroy the goods, given Animatch’s dire situation, after considerable debate and much hissing, scratching, mauling and biting we decided to turn a negative experience into something positive. We decided to use the swords for good, not evil hahahah!  We decided to use these swords as a means to fund Animatch and help them buy a new building for their continued efforts in helping abandoned dogs around the city. To do so, we have decided to grind off our logo and sell these copies for 150$ each, with scabbards and belts and donate 100% of the sales to Animatch. The quality is comparable to Windlass and other makers in India.

These will be sold on a specific page on our website with clear indication as to what is being sold, so that everyone understands that these are, by no means, DSA swords. Although we tested the flex and structural integrity of the swords, and found the quality and make comparable to other well-known  Indian manufacturers. That said, we feel that 150$ is an excellent price/quality ratio and 100% of the sales will be going to Animatch .

While I do have some reserve about putting out Darksword knock offs, we will do so in a way that is very clear that these are not Darksword products and all logos will be etched over with a generic logo. All sales will have our usual 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back policy and we will polish each sword prior to shipping.

To be clear – we will not keep any % for this, receive no compensation, and any expenses for the credit card processing fees will be paid out of our pockets, not by Animatch. The maker’s mark (fake DSA logo) will be ground off so there is NO chance that these an be resold as legitimate DSA swords. That said however, we feel that 150$ is an excellent price/quality ratio and 100% of the proceeds will be going to Animatch.  Buy these swords for display and show your support for Animatch. Frame it up and recognise the good you have done, helping Animatch will rescue the lives of thousands of dogs for years to come. Consider picking one up knowing that 100% of the proceeds will be going towards a worthwhile charity.

You can visit this link to go to Animatch to make a donation today!

Thank you for reading, and please consider supporting our charitable efforts!


Let’s help Mr. Bigglesworth find a new home !


To View the Sale Event page please Click Here

1 thoughts on “Animatch Dog Adoption Fundraiser

  1. Robert Di Lalla says:

    I tip my hat to you. You are doing a great service for animals. I am a long time contributor to Animatch and so I jumped on the bandwagon when I received your email. I just received my Darksword copy. I am very happy to continue helping Animatch while starting my sword collection with this purchase. I have handled your swords before and the copy is nowhere close to the quality of true Darksword Armory productions but I finally could justify this want of mine without helping counterfeiters. Thanks again. I’m very happy with it.

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