Halloween Fantasy Swords

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Halloween Sword Event

We have composed a selection of Fantasy Swords which are significantly discounted for our subscribed customers.

Get $100 OFF these Select Fantasy Swords
For the Month of October ONLY!

765.00 USD925.00 USD

Fantasy Swords

The Erland Sword (#1547)

615.00 USD745.00 USD
630.00 USD790.00 USD

Fantasy Swords

The Ranger Sword (#1310)

650.00 USD810.00 USD
700.00 USD860.00 USD
595.00 USD700.00 USD
600.00 USD710.00 USD
670.00 USD830.00 USD
580.00 USD710.00 USD
500.00 USD610.00 USD
640.00 USD800.00 USD

Fantasy Swords

Fantasy Scimitar (#1370)

585.00 USD715.00 USD