Einar Sword Folded Steel Blade (#1206)

This is a folded steel version of the Einar Viking sword. While the sword is the same as our 5160 Carbon steel collection, this blade has been forged with the traditional Japanese folded steel method, creating a beautiful and original pattern, created by multiple layers of folded steel.


Total length: 36″

Blade length: 30″

Blade width at base: 2.3″

Fittings: Bronze

Grip : Ebony

Weight: 3 lbs 2 oz

1,180.00 USD1,250.00 USD


Einar Sword Folded Steel Blade

It was an age of adventure and savagery. A time when Vikings piled into long ships to set out across the seas, raiding and settling the lands they found. But far more than just savage barbarians, they were also farmers, poets, traders, and explorers.

Their stories can be found in the Vinland Sagas. Part of the Icelandic Sagas, and evoking the legendary names of Einar and Erik the Red, the Vinland Sagas represent the most complete information about the Norse exploration of the Americas and paint a vivid portrait of a heroic world long lost and the amazing people who inhabited it. The Vinland sagas originate from the same land as Njal and Gunnar, as told in Njal’s Saga, two friends whose families’ unending feud would bring them to a violent end. As the tragedy of Njal’s family unfolds, Grettir the Strong’s strength and temper transform him into a hero, an outlaw, and a villain. Across the sea in England, Egil Skallagrimson adds to his legend to become a warrior poet above all others. And, outlawed from his home in the wake of the feud, Erik the Red sails far to the west to discover new lands, founding the doomed settlement known as Vinland.

The Einar, is inspired from the Vinland sagas and by Norse Mythology. Derived from the Old Norse name Einarr, which according to one of the foremost Scandanavian scholars, Guðbrandur Vigfússon, is connected with the concept of the einherjar, undead warriors from Norse mythology. The name, is related to the Old Norse common nouns einarðr (meaning “bold”) and einörð (meaning “valour”).

Most Viking swords fit within the Petersen Typology, described by Norwegian archaeologist Dr Jan Petersen. Petersen lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the result of his life’s work as a system of classification for the Viking Sword. The Peterson Typology traces the development of the Viking Sword throughout history, from its origins in the Roman Spatha to its eventual transition into the Medieval knightly weapon. The Darksword Armory Einar Viking Sword is based on later examples in the Petersen Typology from the 10th and 11th centuries – most closely resembling the Type U with its decorative hilt and long, broad, wide-fullered blade terminating in a classic spatulate tip. The knotwork on the cast bronze hilt and the carved oak handle is inspired by actual knotwork on historical Norse artifacts, and is one of the most intricate Viking designs we’ve ever attempted.

Viking swords were often status symbols, and as highly decorated as the Einar is one could assume its purpose to be decorative. Nothing could be further from the truth – hand-forged from 5160 high carbon steel and dual tempered, the Einar Viking Sword is a rugged weapon of choice. Its broad blade is resilient enough to perform the function that all Viking Swords were designed for – to cut through enemies, to split armor and shield, and to protect what the Viking warrior held dear. Despite its robust construction the Einar is surprisingly agile, able to move from cut to guard with smooth motions. In a practiced hand the Einar would be devastatingly effective on the battlefield.

Aggregating all essential elements of Viking art and Norse Mythology, the Einar exemplifies the peak of Viking culture. Luxuriously handcrafted from the finest material, the Einar is an distinguished viking sword you will be proud to own. Hand-forged from 5160 high carbon steel and dual tempered, the Einar viking sword is a rugged viking weapon of choice. Well balanced and skilfully engineered, The Einar sword blends the artistic abilities of the Norse people and the central role of warfare in the viking world.



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