1763 Dilucidationis Selectarum S. Scripture Quaestionum  


Provenance: Florence, Italy
Language: Latin
Condition: very good , Vellum bound  
Dimensions: 6″ H x 4″ wide, 566 pages

Vellum Bound, 1763 Dilucidationis Selectarum S. Scripture Quaestionum. Signed, original hand written note, in the front. Numbered on the outer spine, possibly reference for a Church or Cathedral library. 

The “Dilucidationis Selectarum S. Scripture Quaestionum”, Latin for “Elucidation of Selected Questions of the Scripture” is a philosophical treatise around codes or conduct, morality, religion and one’s role on Earth. It explores issues such as biblical interpretation and doctrinal matters.  The volume is written in Latin.  “Dilucidationis” suggests clarification or elucidation, “Selectarum” implies a selection or choice, “S. Scripture” likely refers to Sacred Scripture (the Bible), and “Quaestionum” indicates questions or inquiries. While little is known about the author, it is clear that the 1763 publication is a theological or biblical work that offers clarifications or explanations on selected questions or topics related to Sacred Scripture.


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