Antique Poetry book (88109)

Poetry book by Francesco Berni, (1497-1535)

book of poetry by Francisco Berni of Italy, procured from a private collection in Florence, Italy. A second edition in remarkable condition, it is sure to impress students of the Bernesque poetry era. 

This second edition is estimated to have been printed in 1650, and for its age is in outstanding condition. The cover lacks both significant identifiers and the damage one would anticipate from an article of this age – many books would have water damage beyond repair, yet this piece has only surface aging at most. All pages are intact and legible with none of the degradation that modern books, with acid-pulp paper), would develop. It goes without saying that scent of this book is as antique as its appearance – for purveyors of rare or antique books, this is a remarkable piece for a remarkable price.



125.00 USD