15th C. Style Italian Barbuta (88131)

15th C style Italian Barbuta,  

provenance: Private collection,  Paris, France 
Condition: good 
weight: 4 lbs 10 oz / 2108 grams 
Dimensions: 7″ wide x 10″ high (without stand)
7″ wide x 13″ with stand

The 15th-century Italian burbuta was a very versatile helmet used in much of European nations due to its unobstructive design, allowing greater visibility then closed helms, and mobility.  It was worn by foot soldiers, knights, and men-at-arms alike, making it suitable for different types of warfare. 

While the burbuta was not unique to Italy, it became particularly associated with Italian armorers, who excelled in producing finely crafted and beautifully decorated examples. Italian armorers of the 15th century were renowned for their expertise in metalworking and design, and the burbutes often showcased intricate embellishments and artistic flourishes. That said, the design of the Barbute was also made by Armorers in England, Germany, and other European nations. 


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