New Upcoming Swords

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New Upcoming Swords

Get the Chance to pre-order some of our most recent developments.

Darksword Armory’s workshop is constantly innovating to create beautifully crafted, hand-forged swords collectors can appreciate right off the cuff. Our vision is to study the best history had to offer and create inspiring works. Here you can find our upcoming projects that we will bring to life in the foreseeable future. We would love to give you the opportunity to acquire these exclusive pieces by pre-ordering yours. Feel free to choose the payment plan to secure your place in euphoria.

125.00 USD225.00 USD
875.00 USD1,035.00 USD
650.00 USD810.00 USD
595.00 USD700.00 USD
650.00 USD810.00 USD
600.00 USD755.00 USD

Medieval Daggers

Black Knight Dagger (#1822)

245.00 USD265.00 USD