The Squire Medieval Dagger (#1824)

*NEW* This is our most recent dagger. We are currently taking pre-production orders. The first batch will be completed in January 2024. 

The Squire dagger, companion to the Squire Sword,  is designed with those apprentice knights in mind. A mid-length, double-edged blade crafted from tempered 5160 spring steel provides a durable and resilient striking edge. The blade has a 3/4 length fuller. The simple, curved guard sets this dagger apart from the standard cruciform hilt sword, and the wheel pommel is a classic design. What sets this dagger apart, is its handling. Weighing 1 lbs, the Squire is a startlingly fast and responsive dagger. In the hands of a growing apprentice knight, the Squire would be a suitable training or combat weapon; in your hands, it would be a lively dagger that begs to be put through its paces.  

Being specifically designed for close quarter combat, the Squire handles beautifully. It is a very responsive sword that feels “alive” and light in the hand. Easily wieldable even in novice hands, the Squire dagger’s characteristics make it a medieval weapon of choice for all collectors. The dagger is perfectly balance for swift movement and powerful delivery in both cut and thrust motions. 

While historically made for the noble elites, the Squire is perfect for beginner and advanced students of the sword. The Crusader dagger is a light, responsive and enjoyable dagger to handle while being resilient enough to withstand actual use in combat.

5160 High Carbon Steel
Dual hardened tempered to a Rockwell of 53
Total length: 17″
Blade length: 12″
Handle length: 3 1/4″
Blade width at base: 1 1/2″
Weight:  1lbs 0oz

265.00 USD280.00 USD