The  Medici Longsword (#1552)

Inspired by the Italian greatswords of the 16th century, the  Medici, type XVIIIb, Two-Handed Sword is a surprisingly elegant and nimble design. The long, slender blade is rendered a strong thrusting weapon due to the diamond cross-section, allowing it to slip between plates of armor and split rings of mail. Yet the reasonable point-of-balance and extended, leather-wrapped handle create a weapon that flows smoothly through guard, cut, and thrust, not limiting it to a single style of offence. The gracefully curved guard and scentstopper pommel complement the simple and straightforward blade, and everything is polished to a mirror sheen. The Medici, named for the Italian political dynasty that were for a time the de facto rulers of Italy, is a beautiful weapon that deserves to be a centrepiece in your home.

Total Length : 51”
Blade Length: 38.5” 
grip: 9″
Blade Width: 2 1/16”
Crossguard Length: 9”
Guard Depth: 7/8”
Weight: 3 lbs 5oz. 
P.O.B.: 5 ¾”