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Medieval Axes & Weapons

Hand Forged and Battle Ready

Like many early weapons, the fighting axe was a repurposed tool given new life as a weapon of war. Unlike their more mundane woodcutting cousins, war axes tend to have slender heads that expand to a long hewing edge. The handles are often long and weighted primarily at the end, allowing a warrior to put maximum energy into the cutting edge and leave enemies devastated from blow to head, body, or limbs. Axes were often even more effective at dealing with armoured opponents than swords were. Darksword Armory axes are constructed from solid hardwood and high carbon steel, and can stand up both to heavy use or to being displayed on the wall of your home. Whether you are a viking raider, a dwarven warrior, or a leather-clad barbarian, these axes will serve you well in your travels.

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256.46 CAD281.48 CAD
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