The Birger Viking Axe (#1760)

The “Birger” Viking Axe


*NEW* This is our most recent Norse Viking Axe.  We are very proud of this axe. It is light, versatile, beautifully made and most importantly, destructive !  

In Scandinavian, Birger means to “help and protect” – a name fitting for a beastly Norse axe. Inspired by the Midgard Serpent from Norse Mythology who is depicted in Norse knotwork on the head, the Birger Norse Viking axe is based on designs by the migration period of the Nordic people. The design of the head gives the axe a steep beard and long cutting edge, while keeping a solid neck and sharp spurs to reinforce and strengthen it for battle. Nearly 4 ft from end to end, the hardwood handle is extended to provide extra reach and torque for powerful, helmet (and head) splitting blows. Axes like this are one reason why an encounter with Viking raiders in the ancient world was so feared, and why their legends are still spread today.

Total Length : 35”
Viking Axe head (width): 8”
Viking Axe head (Hight) 7” long
Weight: 4 lbs. 1 oz.

275.00 USD300.00 USD

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