The Chieftain Dane-Axe (#1756)

The Chieftain Dane-Axe


*NEW* This is our most recent Norse Viking Axe.  We are very proud of this axe. It is light, versatile, beautifully made and most importantly, destructive !  

The Chieftain Dane Axe, inspired by the Norse Sagas, is a true war axe, nearly 4 ft from end to end. The hardwood handle is extended to provide extra reach and torque for powerful, helmet splitting blows. Leather wrap on the mid-handle improves the grip, while the tapered end of the handle creates a comfortable place for extending the reach of the weapon. The head of the axe is carefully inscribed with the visage of a ferocious wolf depicted with Norse knotwork, certainly one of our most beautiful axe designs. The steeply dropping edge of the bearded axe head creates a cutting edge nearly a foot long, which went backed by the significant weight of the weapon is truly fearsome. By bringing this axe into your home, you bring a piece of legend with it – while we sit and wait for the sun devourer, it will surely keep you safe.

Total Length : 47”
Viking Axe head (width): 9”
Viking Axe head (hight) 12” long
Weight: 4 lbs. 12 oz.


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