The Fenrir Viking Axe (#1759)

The Fenrir Viking Axe


*NEW* This is our most recent Norse Viking Axe. We are very proud of this axe. It is light, versatile, beautifully made and most importantly, destructive !  

The Fenrir Viking axe is named after the ancient wolf from Norse mythology who will usher in Ragnarök and the end of all things. A bearded axe with a deep dropped point, the Fenrir is one of our latest designs and is deeply inspired by Norse history and prophecy. The stained wood handle is wrapped in leather and treated to resist the elements, and the leather wrap is riveted at multiple points along the handle. Intricate knotwork depicting a wolf’s head is inlaid into the metal of the axe. The full length is nearly 4 ft long, and this hefty weapon certainly needs the reach – it promises to deliver devastating blows should the need arise. For fans of Viking myth and legend, or even just fans of Viking aesthetic and weaponry, the Fenrir acts is fit for a chieftain.

Total Length : 47”
Viking Axe head (width): 9”
Viking Axe head (height) 12” long
Weight: 4 lbs. 12 oz.

375.38 CAD409.50 CAD

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