(Sale item ) Two Handed Norman Sword (98828)


Aesthetic condition: 8/10

Structural integrity: 9/10


Reason of sale: last third of the blade is somewhat curved (see pictures in image gallery). The rest of the sword is in perfect condition.

 This two handed Norman Longsword is inspired by the classical one handed version. The sword’s hilt, with its subtle geometry reflects a large number of designs throughout medieval Europe during the 12th to 14th century. This Norman Longsword is very well balanced and feels alive and responsive. In hand, the sword feels powerful, commanding, yet responsive. It is a sword that can  deliver devastating wounds.  

As with all our sale swords a throughout polish and cleaning will be performed prior to shipping. 

Total Length : 48”
Blade Length: 36”
grip: 9″
Blade Width: 2 ”
Crossguard Length: 8”
Guard Depth: 7/8”
Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz.

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