Wallace Collection PigFace Bascinet (#1757)

The Bascinet Helmet was the most popular style of helmet in the late 13th,14th and early 15th centuries for both knights and common soldiers throughout Europe. The Bascinet developed from the steel cap that had been used extensively in the 11th to mid 13th centuries. This model is inspired by a very popular model on display at the Wallace Collection. 
Because the Bascinet was popular for over a hundred years, there are many variations in its appearance and shape. Early Bascinets were worn over or under a mail coif with a arming cap and around 1330 an aventail (mail covering the neck and shoulders) and faceplates or visors became commonplace.
The shape of the helmet also saw continuous change as the sides became longer to provide better protection and padded liners were often attached to the inside of the helmet. Rounded, globular, conical, and pointed variations of the helmets were all popular.

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