(Sale) Myoshi Knives – Hisashi Series Knife Set


5” Paring Knife – 7” hybrid cleaver – 8″ Chef Knife Set


Reason for sale: Wood not stabilized properly by wood supplier. This has caused a small gap between the grip and the blade, as well as some cracking in the handle. See images for details.

  • The Hisashi 5” paring knife is especially suited to delicate tasks such as finely cutting fruits or vegetables, skinning meat, or preparing the finishing touches on a dish. 
  • The Hisashi 7” cleaver is EXCLUSIVELY available in our VG10 line. Shaped as an hybrid cleaver and chef knife, the 7” blade easily cuts through all major cooking projects. Designed for heavy chopping of hard vegetables, meat, or even bone, but able to perform finer tasks such as slicing, mincing, or dicing, this knife is an excellent companion in the kitchen. The 3.5mm thick VG10 Titanium coated Japanese steel blade requires little maintenance to continue performing at a high level.
  • The Hisashi Titanium coated 8” chef knife is the most robust knife available in our Kickstarter campaign. Hand crafted with a 3.5 mm thick VG10 Titanium coated Japanese steel for exceptional durability. The 8” chef knife is the extremely versatile essential player on the experienced chef’s stage. The blade is long, broad, and able to perform difficult cutting and chopping tasks, but is tapered and agile for mincing and other fine tasks. The blade is Titanium coating to promote long lasting edge maintenance and unparalleled longevity even in the busiest kitchen.


195.00 USD

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