(Sale Item) Late Medieval Sword (# 98783)

Late Medieval Sword

Relative condition: 9/10

Structural integrity 10/10

When we produce items, we often end up with spare parts such as grips, pommels, or guards. Occasionally, our staff takes the opportunity to indulge in some creative fun by combining these parts in unique ways to craft distinctive designs. Our skilled assembler recently brought this exquisite piece to life. When held, this sword exudes a sense of power capable of overcoming any obstacle. 


All parts on this sword are in very good condition with some slight pitting on the pommel. See image gallery.


Total length: 39″
Blade length: 32
Crossguard width: 6″
Grip and pommel 7″
Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel
Fittings: Mild Steel
Weight : 2lbs 11 oz.

540.00 USD700.00 USD

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