The Guardlan Sword (#1342)


The Darksword Armory Guardlan Viking Sword is a blend of history and modern design. Taking its inspiration from Norse culture, this battle-ready sword is hand forged and fully functional. A unique two-handed version of a traditional Viking design, the broad blade is significantly longer than our single-handed designs. The extra heft of the sword would be absolutely devastating in battle, capable of broad slashes that could cut down a warrior in his prime – or sweep an attacker from horseback.

More information on the Guardlan Viking Sword and the inspiration which led to its creation can be found below

48-50 at the core
Fittings : Mild Steel
Total Length: 39.5″
Blade Length : 30″
Grip Length: 8″
POB: 4.5″
Weight: 2 lbs 7 oz

565.00 USD695.00 USD



thumbnail_GuardlanSketch_PencilThe five lobed Viking is the quintessential Norse weapon from the Viking age. Numerous examples survive in museums and private collections, and virtually all of them are single-handed weapons. And with good reason – Viking hand-to-hand combat revolved around the shield, typically a wooden circle with steel cladding around the edge and a pointed steel boss. In order for the shield to function properly a single-handed weapon was necessary, and the Viking sword was a natural companion.

Viking swords are frequently reproduced by modern makers, and given the multitude of Viking swords on the market one wonders whether the market is saturated. Many reproductions however, play into the stereotype of Viking swords as little more than long cleavers – heavy, brutish weapons wielded by brutal people. These reproductions fail to capture the spirit or “function” of the Viking sword as an important step in the evolution of the European medieval swords, from earlier Romanesque style to the arming swords of the late medieval period. For the most part, Darksword Armory Viking Swords go against the modern trend of producing unbalanced, unwieldy Viking Swords.

This is what makes the Guardlan Sword so unique. For one, the blade is extended past what the average Viking would wield. The longer blade necessitates the handle being extended, turning the Guardlan into a true two-handed weapon – unlike the vast majority of Viking swords. 

This is not to say that the Guardlan has no basis in history. The basic design is still within the typical typology of the Viking sword – the most authoritative typology of the Viking swords was the Peterson Typology, written by Dr. Jan Peterson in 1919. Focusing on variations in pommel and guards to formulate a 26 category scheme, Jan Perterson created a typo-logical reference to determine the date of each sub type. The distinct pommel identifies the Guardlan as a Type R, or “Five Lobe” style, one of the most recognizable types of Viking pommels.

The blade has the distinctive wide fuller and spatulate tip typical of designs from the Viking era, making it a predominantly slashing weapon. While using a Type 4 blade from the Geibig Typology, we fitted the five lobe Viking medieval sword with an extended handle that is long

enough for a comfortable two handed grip. The type 4 blade, found from the mid-tenth century through the mid-eleventh century, features a slight taper and a fuller which extends the blade’s full length. The Guardlan sword is battle ready and features a 30 inch blade, forged with 5160 High Carbon Steel and dual hardened.

We carefully crafted this Viking medieval sword to reflect the Norse cultural and artistic heritage. Exceptional tools of war, the Viking medieval swords also attest to the Viking culture’s keen interest in art and aesthetic beauty. We hope you can appreciate the work that went into creating this unique piece inspired by the exceptional craftsmen of the Viking era.