Alexandria Dagger (#1827)

Alexandria Dagger

Companion piece to our Alexandria sword, one of our most popular weapons based on a true historical model, the Alexandria dagger is a classic early 15th century design. The short (11″), double-edged blade has a diamond cross section, making it a stiff and unyielding weapon designed to be terribly effective at thrusting. The straight steel guard is a small version of the Alexandria swords guard with the distinctive swept tips that could catch the blade of an opponent. The classic wheel pommel is a twin to the one on the dagger’s larger cousin. The Oxblood leather handle and sheath are eye-catching in their quality, marking this as the daily carry of a wealthy individual. Alone or with the Alexandria sword, this dagger is an excellent piece to be proud of in your collection.

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel
Total Length: 17”
Blade Length: 11”
Weight: 1 lb.
POB: at the guard.


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