The Gudrun Viking Axe (#1757)

The Gudrun Norse Viking Axe


Named for the shieldmaiden, hero, and architect of one of the most bloody and decisive revenge stories in Norse lore, the Gudrun Norse Viking Axe is our newest axe design. From the pages of the Völsunga saga, Gudrun (Guðrún) is a stirring tale of someone pushed too far until the weight of her many burdens causes her to take matters into her own hands and leaves a bloody and fiery swath of destruction behind her as a result. Decorated with a Viking knotwork design depicting the Midgard Serpent, this long-bladed and straight-necked Viking axe is a design both classic and capable. Its hardwood handle provides a stable and comfortable grip, and is long enough to provide the torque needed for powerful blows against Shield, helmet, or enemy. A balance between functionality and work of art, the Gudrun Norse Viking Axe would do any Viking proud – especially shieldmaidens on a path to revenge.

Total Length : 47”
Viking Axe head (width): 9”
Viking Axe head (hight) 12” long
Weight: 4 lbs. 12 oz.

275.00 USD300.00 USD

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