12th-13th Century Medieval Sword (88120)

12-13th C. Northern European Sword, 

Provenance: Private Collection, Sussex England. 

Currently held in E. Azerad private reserve. 

Condition: very good

12th-late 13th century A.D. A long double-edged iron sword of Oakeshott Type Xa or XI and Petersen Type X, with broad tapering blade showing evidence of use on the battlefield, tapering fullers; cross-guard of Oakeshott style 1, straight lower guard with squared ends and a short grip, plain walnut style pommel with slightly curved lower edge. Cf. Oakeshott, E., Sword in hand, London, 2001, fig.65, p.72; Peirce, I., Swords of the Viking Age, Suffolk, 2002; the sword finds good parallels with a sword published by Peirce, from a private collection (Peirce, 2002, pp.124-125). 1.3 kg, 97 cm long (37 in.”). Acquired 1960s-1990s. Late Alison Barker collection, a retired London barrister. Accompanied by an archaeological report by Dr Raffaele D’Amato. 

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