Two Handed Sword

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Two Handed Medieval Swords

During the Renaissance there was a perception that medieval swords were ugly, clumsy, and overbuilt weapons. This unfortunate myth has been perpetuated by misguided writers and historians for centuries since, who unfortunately rely on incorrect Renaissance authors for their information instead of those with practical experience handling the genuine historical artifacts. Many an experienced sword collector has dropped a historical fiction novel to the ground in disgust when the author describes the protagonist’s sword as “weighing 25 lbs or more…” Unlike those well-meaning but misinformed individuals, the smiths at Darksword Armory rely on actual museum pieces for their inspiration – working hard to replicate the size, weight, and balance of historical swords. Powerful, solidly built, and surprisingly nimble, some of Darksword Armory’s most popular swords are in this category. These battle ready swords are ideally suited for use with HEMA or other types of longsword styles.

878.72 CAD1,057.21 CAD
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Fantasy Swords

The Erland Sword (#1547)

844.40 CAD1,022.89 CAD
796.34 CAD974.83 CAD
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Fantasy Swords

The Vindaaris (#1328)

981.70 CAD1,153.32 CAD
878.72 CAD1,057.21 CAD
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864.99 CAD1,084.67 CAD
844.40 CAD1,064.08 CAD