(Sale sword) Viking Sword – The Einar (#98824)


Relative condition: 8/10

Structural integrity: 10/10


Reason of sale: Base of the pommel is slightly wider than the grip, the blade has a slightly curve on the edge. 

Inspirational piece, Norse mythology. 10-11th century
The Einar Viking Sword is Limited to 800 copies Worldwide

Aggregating all essential elements of Viking art and Norse Mythology, the Einar Viking Sword exemplifies the peak of Viking culture. Luxuriously handcrafted from the finest material, the Einar is an distinguished viking sword you will be proud to own. Hand-forged from 5160 high carbon steel and dual tempered, the Einar viking sword is a rugged viking weapon of choice. Well balanced and skilfully engineered, The Einar blends the artistic abilities of the Norse people and the central role of warfare in the viking world.

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core
Total length: 36″
Blade length: 30″
Blade Width : 2.3″
Weight: 3lbs 5oz
Grip: Ebony

610.00 USD760.00 USD

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