(Sale) Myoshi Knives – Shogun Series 6.5” Utility Knife


6.5” utility knife


The Shogun Series 6.5” utility knife is exceptionally balanced for miscellaneous cutting tasks. A utility knife is an important sidearm for every chef, filling in the gap between larger and smaller kitchen cutting utensils. The shorter length gives greater balance and ease of use, allowing for agile handling for delicate tasks. 


Reason for sale: Wood not stabilized properly by wood supplier. This has caused a small gap between the grip and the blade, as well as some cracking in the handle. See images for details.


Myoshi knives is created in Montreal, Canada. After years of development, the Myoshi lines stems from a deep desire to create unique, high end professional chef knives combined with clean designs. To this end, we sourced the highest quality materials to produce a beautiful work of art. It would not only be a stunning piece in any kitchen, but prove to be an exceptional knife for both cooking enthusiasts and professionals alike. We extensively examined various types of wood to compare the different grains, weights and hardness. We  crafted an ergonomic grip that has long lasting performance without compromising aesthetic beauty. This enabled us to mesh Japanese blade designs with modern European styling, resulting into a luxurious work of art, surpassing the mere classification of “kitchen knives”. 







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