“The Fiore” German Main-Gauche Parrying Dagger (1823)

Based on a German Main-gauche at the Royal Armouries, in Leeds, (1580-1620)

Parrying daggers are a mainstay of European Renaissance fencing. Held in the off hand, the parrying dagger (or “main gauche”) allowed duelists to fight two handed against each other. Skilled fencers would use the parrying dagger in conjunction with a rapier for maximum effect. As these daggers were as much a part of a gentleman’s daily costume as they were for self defence they were often beautifully decorated as well as skillfully made. This design is based on a surviving late 16th, early 17th German example currently located in the Leeds Museum. It is named for master Italian fencer Fiore dei Libiri, author of Fior di Battaglia and Trattato della scherma.

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel
Total length: 17″
Blade : 11″
weight: 1 lb 3 oz

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