Impressive Bronze equestrian figure of Emmanuel Philibert, 10th Duke of Savoy (88129)

After Baron Carlo (Charles) Marochetti (French, 1805-1867): Bronze equestrian figure of Emmanuel Philibert, 10th Duke of Savoy

provenance: Private collection,  Paris France 
Condition: Excellent 
Length: 58cm high, 47cm wide/ 23 inches H, 18.5 inches W

A reduction of Baron Charles Marochetti’s celebrated equestrian group of Emmanuel-Philibert, Duc de Savoie (1528-1580) created for the Piazza San Carlo in Turin. A triumph of mid-19th-century historical sculpture, it is considered today to be Marochetti’s masterpiece. Baron Marochetti lived from January 14th 1805 to December 29th  1867. He was an Italian-born French sculptor who worked in France, Italy and Britain. He completed many highly prized public sculptures, often in a neo-classical style and large equestrian monuments in bronze and marble. Some of his best known public monuments include the bronze equestrian statue of Richard the Lionheart in front of the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster in London.

Marochetti settled in England, where he received commissions from  Queen Victoria. Marochetti received great recognition during his lifetime, being made a baron in Italy and was awarded the Legion of Honor, the highest French order of Merit, by the French government.

Emmanuel-Philibert (1528-1580) was known for his military prowess and political innovations which strengthened the power of the house of Savoy in Piedmont. The monumental equestrian group cast by Soyer et Ingé was inaugurated in Turin in 1838, following a brief exhibition outside the Louvre in Paris several months before, where it was greeted with great acclaim which furthered Marochetti’s reputation in Parisian artistic circles. Marochetti closely oversaw the subsequent production of bronze reductions of this group, authorising a very small number of foundries including De Braux d’Anglure and Susse Frères to create it in various sizes.

Signed Faugard après Marochetti to the upper edge and with indistinct Susse Feres foundry mark to the front, 58cm high, 47cm wide

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