The Raven Japanese Inspired Chef Knife (#101)

The new project from Darksword Armory Owner Eyal Azerad – the Raven Chef Knife is a high end, Japanese inspired professional chef knife at an affordable price, Canadian-made with EN 1.4116 German Krupp steel. This traditional Japanese chef knife has been redesigned with more chopping and cutting clearance, with a newly designed bolster angle. This makes the Raven Knife much easier to handle, control and slice – with an ultra sharp-edge.

The Raven Knife can either be purchased as a unit (single knife) or with our signature Series magnetic knife block.  
The magnetic knife block is made with 1″ thick super magnets set in Canadian maple stained wood. The double sided magnetic block can hold up to 8 large knives (4 on each side). The block weights 14 lbs. The super magnets will hold any knife very tightly to avoid any knife drops.  

171.13 CAD308.03 CAD