1743 Latin Law doctrines by Jakob Ludovici Justinian Wissenbach (88126)


1743  “Doctrina pandectarum, ex ipsis fontibus legum Romanarum depromta et usui fori accommodate”  by Jakob Friedrich Ludovici,
(translation) “The doctrine of the Pandects, borrowed from the very sources of the Roman laws, and adapted to the use of the market”

Condition: excellent
Language: Latin
dimensions: ~7in X 4.25in (17.5cm x 11cm)

Provenance: originally from the Richard Francois Philippe Brunck collection (1729- 1803), a French classical scholar. He took part in the Seven Years War as military commissary. At the age of thirty he returned to Strasbourg to resume his studies. He spent fortunes to publish editions of the Greek classics. At the outbreak of the French Revolution (1789-1799), in which he took an active part, Brunck was imprisoned at Besancon. Upon his release, Richard Francois Philippe Brunk was forced to sell a large portion of his original library to cover his living expense.