German Sallet (#1723)

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The Medieval history of Germany is rooted in the old Romana Empire. Settled by Germanic tribes, portions of the Roman Empire became the provinces of different Germanic groups until eventually being united under the Frankish Empire in the 5th and 6th centuries. This empire was the largest post-Roman kingdom in Western Europe and existed until it was divided by the Treaty of Verdun in 843 AD. The divided empire was created only two generations after the death of Charlemagne the Great and resulted in three successor-states, one of which was East Francia – later to be called the Kingdom of Germany. Largely a division of language, the German-speaking “East Franks” would go on to develop a Medieval culture that was very distinct both from the other Frankish kingdoms and from the surrounding areas.

One of these distinctions was in their arms and armor. While advances in the weapons and protective gear tended to spread across Europe at a rapid pace, individual areas would often settle on certain stylistic or functional designs. The sallet developed in the 15th century as a replacement for the open-faced or visored bascinet of the early-to-mid Middle Ages. The bascinet, while suitable protection against the weapons of the middle ages, suffered from restricted mobility and (when paired with a visor) extremely poor vision. The sallet solved both of these problems, being a helm that improved field of vision and range of motion while simultaneously retaining protection for the head, face, and neck. The sallet was used all across Europe but became so widely used in Medieval Germany that it later became known as the “German Sallet.”

Darksword Armory’s German Sallet is an exacting replica of the famous 15th-century design. Constructed of 18 gauge mild steel and padded with leather, its smooth curves and crisp lines greatly resemble surviving historical artifacts of this type. A fully articulated visor (bevor) can drop to protect the face, while a scalloped gorget – another development over the earlier bascinet – protects the throat. A spring pin holds the bevor in place when it is lowered, ensuring the visor will not flip up at an inopportune moment during combat. The Darksword Armory German Sallet is an exquisite display piece that will surely be an excellent center of attention in your collection.


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