German Sallet (#1735)

German Sallet

$450.00 USD


As warfare and weapons evolved during the years of the Renaissance so too did armor, and nowhere is that more evident than in the armor that protected one’s head. Evolving from earlier bascinet style helms, the Sallet rose to prominence during the 15th century at a time when the Gothic style was becoming more prominent. They were characterised by graceful lines and a flared back which protected the neck, and variations of these helms would be seen worn by knights, footmen, archers, or crossbowmen.


This particular helmet is based on a surviving example from the 15th century that resides in the Wallace Collection in the Tower of London. While some Sallets lacked face protection, this one includes an articulated visor that can be raised for visibility or lowered for combat. It is constructed of Mild steel and features adjustable straps for a perfect fit. Strong and well-constructed, it would be suitable for reenactment or costuming.



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