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by Douglas T. Moore Blank Product Name
Scottish Claymore

Aloha: I received my Scottish Claymore and scabbard today. Beautiful. I will proudly wear it at our upcoming Highland Games! Do you recommend a particular oil for the blade? or for the scabbard? It is generally humid in Hawaii & I want to protect the treasure I now have.

Hi Douglas,

Thanks for your review. You can apply your light coat of mineral oil or a silicone spray to preserve the blade.


Wolfsbane Norse Viking sword

Really just getting into the sword collecting business, but I have to tell you that this particular one is awesome. I have several cheaper swords I have acquired over the years that I now consider junk when placed next to this one. The sword is tight and handles well. Perfect balance and craftsmanship. My thanks go out to the guys who built it. Anyway all in all very satisfied and will be back for more.

The frederick 3rd sword

I recentley received my sword and its a true peice of art i recommend darksword armory i will be returning to buy more products

by George Fields Blank Product Name
Witch king sword and eira viking ring

Hello to all. First i would like to say i by no means have a whole lot of experience with swords. Their different uses, types, and styles used are all interesting to me, and i am learning. But in the research i did in trying to find a usable one that did break the bank was with darksword. I chose the witch king, because of the versatility, and im a huge lotr fan. While reading about the different blades, my wife was looking over my shoulder, and as a result, ended up with rings and a sword. I made the order and expected it to be a month or so before i saw anything. A week later, I have everything. And they are works of art. The rings and the sword. You now have a customer for life. I look forward to my next purchase. From what I've seen and read, the people there are awesome as well, and i look forward to communicating with them as well.Kick ass products guys. Im not one to write these types of things, unless it's really bad, or really good. Im happy to say its the latter. The rings are gorgeous, so i have a happy wife. Thank you for that. And the sword is fantastic. It feels good, even though I have no idea what im talking about. Although I have found a western martial arts class around me so i hope to remedy that. The people at darksword will be seeing my name on the order list again soon enough. I not sure how to give a better review than im going to continue to give them my money!

by Cody Baird Blank Product Name
Review of Black Knight Sword

I just received my amazing sword! I've had a few wall hangers before, but this is my first true quality sword. I am amazed by the high quality of the craftsmanship of my new blade! The company was very friendly and communication was swift and considerate. They let me make payments that fit my budget so that I could pay my sword off quickly. This sword is more than just a beautiful piece of art. It is a true weapon and I feel very fortunate to have it! Thanks dark sword!!! I will be coming back for another before long!

by Keith Miller Blank Product Name
Two Handed Norman Sword

I bought the Norman Two Handed sword. It is well built with excellent balance. Also the scabbard is well made. It is a thing of beauty.

by G Hariton Blank Product Name

Having bought a sword from "Darksword Armory" some time ago,(& a novice collector at the time) I must offer a sincere apology for unfounded criticisms I had made about their product.I have since come to realize their products exceedingly surpass anything else on the market, in terms of workmanship, quality, & authenticity.

11th century Viking Suontaka sword

I received my 11th century Viking Suontaka sword two weeks ago. Wow. This is the first I have purchased in over fifteen years. In high school I had purchased more or less wall hanger swords by other companies. This my first REAL sword. I wanted a sword that was mostly historically accurate but more importantly a sword that is built like a tank that when if we ran out of bullets during the zombie apocalypse (humor), you could fall back on this. Strong and beautiful is the simplest way to describe this sword. My renewed interest in swords came about when the whole AncestryDNA thing came along and I discovered I had a pretty extensive Viking/Norman heritage. So, I will most likely be picking up one of the Darksword Norman options in the next couple of months. Thank you to everybody at Darksword Armory. I will be getting with y'all again in the very near future.

Prototype Viking Sword

I ordered the prototype viking sword. This was a Christmas present to myself and my first REAL sword. I have always been interested in migration era swords so this was fitting. After the 10 min of cutting off wrapping, yes it was a lot of wrapping. I was amazed how wonderful the sword felt. I am still getting a feel for it since I have no formal instruction in sword fighting just some martial arts I have been taking it through what I know and the sword handles great. The other reason I went with dark sword was that they are hand forged. I love the idea of thing being hand forged and not just made by a machine. Thanks to everyone at Dark Sword for making such an awesome sword. I am thinking about the hand and half sword for my bday in several months I am sure it will preform just as great as this little monster I have. Ohh one quick note since this didn't come with a scabbard went a little modern since I have no leather working skills and made a kydex scabbard for it.

by John Lavette Blank Product Name

It is such a tremendous relief to know that my countless hours of research did in fact lead me to finally choose the right sword smiths! Darksword Armory are everything I'd hoped they would be. I have purchased quite a few ancient and medieval weapons over the last few decades. But the only truly "battle ready" sword I owned was an extravagant gift from a dear friend who payed a great deal of money for a magnificent Katana. All of my own purchases were not only not in the same league as my friend's beautiful gift, they also fell well short of being "battle ready" or even worth their much lower prices. However, while i fervently wished to own a modest collection of truly functional swords from different periods and places, i knew that no sword on earth could protect me from my lovely girlfriend if i actually started spending the kind of money my buddy spent on the Katana! Frankly, I'd begun to accept the apparent fact that people who do not have "real" money, cannot hope to own real swords. But I am very pleased to say that Darksword Armory has now demonstrated that this is absolutely NOT the case! My new Sword, and Dagger are everything I'd hoped for... and more! They are beautifully crafted weapons... with excellent balance, strength, and flexibility. They are also "finished" to a degree which i have not seen in any of the similarly priced blades i have examined. I got so excited when i first held the Sword that i admit to going a little overboard testing the blade's flexibility and hardness/sharpness lol! I'm pleased as hell to report that no damage occured, and i now know with certainty that i own a truly serious Hand and a Half Sword! DA is not kidding when they characterize a sword as Battle Ready! Thank you, Darksword Armory!John Lavette

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