Rediscovering The Ulfberht


By Eyal Azerad     During the early Middle Ages, the primary metal available for the manufacture of swords was derived from bloomery iron, made by heating iron ore with charcoal in small furnaces. While sufficient for some applications, the finished iron was plagued with slag inclusions that weakened the metal, rendering a sword blade that […]

The Slow Unravelling of the Riddle of Steel


By Alen Lovrič   NOTE: In this short article, geographical and political factors were largely ignored for the sake of brevity. Some regions developed metallurgy sooner and some later, but that is a broad topic in its own right. It is not uncommon to hear people claim that there is some sort of a super-material […]

Boy finds 3000 years old sword in a river


9 September 2014 Yang Junxi, an 11 year old boy living in China, was casually washing his hands in the Laozhoulin River when he inadvertently hit some “seemingly” pointed object.  Pulling the hard flat object from the river, the boy inspected his find and decided to casually walk home to show the sword to his […]