Ferrum Historia (Blades of History): Antiques and Artifacts

Modern reproductions of medieval and renaissance swords can be beautiful, functional, and captivating. They can be an entertaining conversation piece or the start (or continuation) of an extensive collection. They can also be used for similar functions as the originals in cutting targets and, if constructed properly, perform to a similar level. Modern reproduction swords can be every inch the weapons their historical counterparts were… but will, unfortunately, always be just that – reproductions.

For a limited time, Darksword Armory is pleased to offer you the chance to own a true piece of history. Over the years we have brought together a collection of antique swords, and are now offering them for sale here on our website. Unlike many swords or armors sold as antiques on eBay (which turn out to be modern reproductions that have been artificially aged), these are completely authentic. Acquired from museums and private collections, each piece has been appraised and verified to be genuine by a professional curator. To guarantee their authenticity, a certificate is included with each piece to confirm their age and place of origin.

As we only acquire a limited number of these pieces, they will only be available until our collection runs out. We invite you to consider these products of history that have inspired us in our own work.