(sale Item) Hand-and-a-half War sword (98719)

Hand-and-a-half War Sword 

Relative condition: 8/10

Structural integrity 10/10


From time to time, the staff likes to have fun creating new models. Kyle, being more of a fantasy novel fan, decided to make a “Heroic” inspiration piece. The sword is well balanced with a PoB of 3″ from the guard, giving it a powerful yet responsive feel. The sword can either be handled with one or two hands. The sword definitely makes its presence felt, while still being light, responsive and powerful. We really enjoy handling this sword. There are minor esthetic scratches on the pommel. The sword will be polished prior to shipping. 


Total length: 47″
Blade length:36″
Grip: 8″
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz

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