(Sale Item) Crusader Shield

Following the traditional construction methods, our Medieval Shields are formed with thin (16) layers of wood, each individually shaped and pressed for durability. The compounded layers not only ads durability in comparison to a single, thicker layer, but also provides greater strength with lesser weight. Each layer is soaked and individually pressed to shape, eventually creating one solid defensive wall. We covered the heater shields in heavy cotton. Decorative rivets are set and topped off with a wood grip, closed cell foam backing covered in full grain leather, and adjustable forearm strap.

The shield is 30″ x 22″ and weighs 5 lbs 2 oz.


Reason for sale : Canvas Misprint. The image is lower than intended and off center. This is purely an aesthetic issue. The shields construction and condition has not been compromised. 

420.00 USD

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