(Sale Item) Composite Medieval Sword (# 98786)

Composite Medieval Sword

Relative condition: 9/10

Structural integrity 10/10

When making production, we generally are left with spare parts. Whether grips, pommels or guards. From time to time, this allows our staff to have some creative fun and mismatch various parts to create a unique design. This sword was the result of such an event. When held, this sword exudes power and strength making the wielder feel quite powerful.


Reason of Sale: slight ringing sound caused by vibration from the blade rubbing with blade at the throat of the guard. This does not compromise the structural integrity of the sword. 



Total length: 47.5″
Blade length: 36″
Crossguard: 8″
Grip and pommel 11″
Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel
Fittings: Mild Steel
Weight : 3lbs 14.6oz.

540.00 USD700.00 USD

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