Limited Edition Excalibur Sale Sword


5160 High Carbon Steel
Dual hardened
Total length: 42.5″
Blade length: 34″
Handle length: 6″
Blade width at base: 2″
Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz

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DEFECT NOTE: Blade has slight imperfections. Nothing serious. 100$ OFF.




The Excalibur Sword

Excalibur is offered as a limited edition collectible of 500 battle ready swords worldwide!

As a collector and blade smith, the making of Excalibur sword was a deeply personal project. As for many, John Boorman’s 1981 Epic Film was not only my favorite movie but, as a child, my introduction to the “Middle Ages”.

This introduction, crystallized “The Excalibur” at the core of my passion and a romanticized vision of the “Middle Ages”. Hence, forging the Excalibur sword, was a passion project for myself and the staff alike. We felt we owed this sword our utmost attention. Making yet another “decorative” Excalibur was not an option. Our recreation had to be classically elegant, vibrant, and faithfully crafted from the original prop. Our goal was not only to produce a finely hand forged sword, but to produce a lasting legacy of the film.

The Excalibur is an authoritative, functional and resilient sword. skillfully crafted and engineered for the most demanding collector, the Excalibur is the benchmark of what a real sword should be.

The Excalibur is limited to 500 examples worldwide ! Each sword includes:
• Beautifully printed and individually Numbered Certificate
• Premium grade Scabbard and optional interlaced sword belt

Customer Feedback:

I purchased one of your Excaliburs a few weeks ago, and it is a true work of art. It was worth every penny. The Darksword Armory staff deserves a pat on the back. for their excellent workmanship, and attention to detail. I’m extremely satisfied with it. That medieval sword is a real beauty. You and your staff should be very proud. of the very high quality of your products. Keep up the good work : 🙂

-Blaine, A.

Hi Eyal, I have taken delivery of my Excalibur sword & i would firstly like to say how surprised i was by the speedy shipping….it arrived here in the UK by Saturday night!!, now for the sword itself…the only thing i could say was WOW!!, you guys have done a fantastic job of recreating this classic sword from my all time favorite movie, well balanced. I have many swords in my collection…but right away i could tell just by handling this piece of art, that this was not any run of the mill, mass produced, machined cut sword…this far exceeds anything i have in my current collection & at such a reasonable price, this has been accurately described…”HAND FORGED”, this is now taking pride of place on my wall, thank you very much for making my Christmas & the free gift of the stiletto dagger is an added bonus

~ Barry., H. – UK

Hey Darksword … I just received my Excalibur, #207, … fabulous! I’m
almost afraid to touch it for fear the Lady of the Lake might ask for it
back. :-O I had to wait a year to order and when it finally arrived I
took my sweet time unwrapping this beautiful piece of art and
craftsmanship. Beautiful scabbard… couldn’t be
happier with it all. I’m going to smile every time I look at it or give
it a few swings. Thank-you for such a gorgeous, functional, and just
damn cool, sword of power – Excalibur.
Rob S.

5160 High Carbon Steel
Dual hardened
Total length: 42.5″
Blade length: 34″
Handle length: 6″
Blade width at base: 2″
Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz

Package :

Blunt blade & Scabbard : $555.00, Sharpened blade & Scabbard : $590.00, Blunt blade, Scabbard & Interlaced Sword Belt : $645.00, Sharpened blade, Scabbard & Interlaced Sword Belt : $680.00


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