(Sale item ) Medieval Longsword (98802)

 Medieval Longsword   

Relative condition: 9/10

Structural integrity: 9/10


Reason of sale: The throat of the grip was not properly centered, causing the grip to be slightly off-center to the blade (see pictures in image gallery for details). The guard shows cosmetic wear (slight polishing and grinding marks) The sword’s structural integrity is intact. This 15th C. Sword is of the Venetian style. The fittings are inspired by the various Italian examples of the period, characterized by its curved lines and sharp geometry. This longsword is well balanced and responsive. Whether used as a single or two handed weapon, The sword is easy to control and has a almost seamless response all while being present.  As an extension of the arm, the sword feels like a powerful thrusting weapon capable of delivering devastating wounds.  


Total Length : 50.5”
Blade Length: 38”
grip: 9″
Blade Width: 2 ”
Crossguard Length: 9”
Guard Depth: 7/8”
Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz. 

400.00 USD560.00 USD

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