The Anduril Sword (#1309)

The Lord of the Rings Anduril sword is a recreation from the popular trilogy written by J.R,.R. Tolkien. The Anduril is hand Crafted with 5160 High Carbon steel, dual hardened to a Rockwell of 60 at the edge and 48-50 at the core. The beautifully detailed leather handle is accentuated by the unique pommel, making this one of the most recognized fantasy swords. The blade is forged with a deep full length fuller. 

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Folded Steel.

Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core

Total Length: 48″

Blade Length : 36″

Blade Width: 2″

Weight: 4lbs

POB: 4″



1,064.85 CAD1,284.69 CAD