Black Prince Gauntlets (#1714)

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The English Prince Edward of Woodstock, colloquially known as “The Black Prince,” is one of England’s most well-known historical figures. So well known is he that numerous modern recreations have been made of his famous sword, including Darksword Armory’s own version (found here: Edward was extremely popular in his own age as well, winning his spurs at the age of 16 and becoming something of a medieval celebrity. Fighting with honor in numerous campaigns against the French including the Battle of Crecy, Edward won victory after victory before being struck down – not by an enemy, but by dysentery, which caused him to linger and die at the age of 46. Upon Edward’s untimely death from this illness the line of succession passed to his son Richard II, and Edward was interred at Canterbury Cathedral. Like many medieval knights his arms and armor were to be preserved at the site of his burial. The Black Prince’s surcoat, shield, helmet, scabbard, and gauntlets were placed on display by his tomb in the cathedral, along with his famous sword that would later go missing.

Despite the centuries that have passed, the gauntlets remain in Canterbury Cathedral with the rest of Edward’s famous vestments. A style commonly known as “hourglass gauntlets” (due to the unique shape, which narrows at the wrist and flares out on either side), they are highly decorated and one of the most exquisite surviving pieces of armor from the Black Prince’s era. The articulated finger plates and gilt (coated in gold) metal are finely made, and the heavy construction and spiked knuckles make Edward’s gauntlets formidable weapons in their own right. Darksword Armory’s Black Prince Gauntlets are built to resemble Edward’s originals as closely as possible.

Part of Darksword Armory’s Herald Series, the Black Prince Gauntlets were constructed overseas by the Herald Series forge. Crafted from mild steel and brass, the gauntlets are exacting replicas of the originals even down to the tiny sculpted flowers on the back of the hand. The finger plates are steel riveted and fully articulated, allowing a similar range of motion as the originals. Thick leather gloves complete the package and provide both a sweat-free grip on the hilt of one’s sword and protection from the hard steel of the gauntlet itself. Whether you are fighting in the Hundred Years War or simply looking for a handsome display piece for your study, the Darksword Armory Black Prince Gauntlets can fulfill your needs.


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